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36 great and creative stiletto nail designs idea

stiletto nail art
Well, ladies, if you’re feeling bored of the same old flat tipped conventional nail designs, you might want to try out some cool stiletto nails ideas. Stiletto nails are also called claw nails, used to be trendy in the 1990s, but they’re back in fashion now, thanks to celebrities like Rihanna, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting and Kelly Osbourne! So what does it look like? Basically, instead of the flat tipped fingernails you usually do for nail designs, for this, you basically file your fingernails into a pointed end, much like the stiletto on your heels, hence, the name. If you’re working with your own real nails, you might want to keep them as long as possible so that the stiletto is as long as possible. Longer nails can be shaped into a more shapely stiletto nails, and will look more elegant too. Don’t worry if you’re fretting on keeping those nails as long as possible! I know this takes time and patience and gentleness, and yes, it is a tough cookie. But you can always opt for getting acrylic stiletto ones. What you’ll look like after this nail makeover? A ladylike finger movement! Cheers!
Checkout these beautiful pictures of stiletto nails.