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20 elegant and simply beautiful 3D nail art design ideas

Nail art has come a long way from just the simple basic paint-on-your-nails design to beautiful and stunning 3D nail art. Yes! it’s 3 dimensional nail art where you can touch and feel and looks pretty. This type of nail designs can be done on either your natural nails, or with nail extensions. Nail extensions are the easier option of course. 3D nail art is can be done by acrylic or non acrylic. For the 3D acrylic type, a polymer powder is used with a monomer liquid to create designs. This finished design will solidify when it comes in contact with air. For creating non acrylic 3D nail art, the basic concept is to have a base coat on your fingernails, and glue other accessories such as rhinestones, beads, tiny pearls, flower designs, bow, hearts and others on the nails. After that, just apply a top layer of protective coat once you’re finished.

3d nail art