French tip nail designs – Step by step guide to a perfect manicure

french tip nail designs

French tip nail designs are usually characterized by the pale pink base with bright white tips of a person’s nail. These designs are quite a common request at nail salons everywhere, as it is an elegant design, and will tend to make your nails look longer. A professional nail stylist may apply fake tips or gel nails, or just paint your fingers alone, depending on your preference. They may also give your nails some strengthening and conditioning workout before working on your nails. This design is some of the best nail art designs that is always popular as it gives the best elegant look.

However, you can actually design your own french tip nail designs at the comfort of your home, with the current new advances in nail artistry and technology. It saves you plenty too! Just head down to your local beauty supply store and pick up a French manicure kit, or you can separately buy some pink and white polish. You may choose different colors and designs as you wish, of course, but here, we list down the basic steps you need to complete a basic french manicure. Once you master the basics, you are ready to explore the more complicated and beautiful patterns on your own. They are popular toe nail designs too if you get them done right.

1. Trim your nails evenly to the length you like. For french manicure, the longer the nail length, the better it is to work on and the nicer the design is. Remember to cut away any hangnails or bits of skin which is dead.

2. Next step is to file your nail to your desired shape (the usual shape would be rounded or squared). Rub the nail file in one direction only on the tip of your nail, so that you won’t snap your nails. When done, clean your nails from the nail dust by going over them very quickly with nail polish.

3. For a nail spa experience, you may get a warm bowl of water, olive oil or whole milk and soak your hands in them for a few minutes to soften the cuticles. Then, by using a cuticle pusher tool, push your cuticles back gently. Clean the underneath of your nails by using the other end of the tool.

4. For a regular polish, just apply some cuticle oil onto your nails and massage them into it. Next, apply a base coat – this will be your pink nail polish, and allow the nails to dry completely. Apply the pink polish again for the second time with the same process, and allow them to dry thoroughly.

5. Once it’s dry, put on the nail guides on the tip of your nail, leaving just enough space or margin on the tip of the nail for a different color. If you don’t have any nail guides, it’s fine – you just need some extra concentration and stable hands for the next step.

6. Apply the white polish by brushing them lightly onto the tip of your nails, above the nail guides, and let it dry thoroughly for a few minutes. Apply a second coat of the white polish onto the tip again, and let it dry completely.

7. Finally, remove the nail guide, and apply a final top coating of clear polish to protect the finished design, let it dry thoroughly, and you’re done! You can easily perfrom these steps with a french tip dip.

Follow these tips and tricks for your french tip nail designs for better result
There are many useful tips for french tip nail designs, and with constant practice with your own style, you may find that your skills are actually quite up to par with a nail salon! Below are some other usefuls tips for you:

1. Get more nail guides – some French manicure kit has them. This will enable you to paint all 10 nails at one time.

2. You can substitute nail guides with rubber band or tape. Just tie them over the top part of your nail, and paint on them. The rubber band will make it easier to paint a straight line design on the tip. If you’re using tape, you need to cut the tape beforehand to match the curved shape of your fingernails.

3. You can paint it the reversed method: Apply tape on the bottom half of your nails, paint the tip with white polish, then remove the tape, and paint the whole nail with clear pink nail polish.

4. If you’re using tape or something sticky as your nail guide, do not remove them until the polish is dry, as doing so will smudge the polish.

There are plenty of nail polish for you to try them on, here, opi nail polish is used and recommended. Try and dare to experiment with various colors and types of nail polish – that’s the best way to get your perfect french tip nail designs!