How to protect and enhance your nails with acrylic nail designs

acrylic nail designs

Among all the artificial nail designs, acrylic nail designs remain the most popular due to its simplicity and durability of this type of nails, and also because it has been around for quite a duration of time. These type of nail designs can be used conveniently to cover or fit over your actual nails, or added on with tips if you wish it. Because of its popularity, acrylic nail supplies are easy and cheap to find in the market.

There are numerous benefits of choosing acrylic nail designs over others. One of them is that they are much easier to take off whenever you wish – just simply soak them in some nail polish remover, and it will easily be unattached and drop off. If you do, however decided to get them removed with professional help, the process is much painless compared to others. They can also help to strengthen your nails, but they are not invincible, however. But they are easily repaired by yourself using the right tools, without the need to go for a salon treatment if you do accidentally break them. If you’ve done your manicure correctly, this type of nails will last quite a long time and is quite durable if properly taken care of, also taking into consideration of how fast your actual nails may grow. The downside of this type of nails is that there is possibility of damaging your real nails underneath if not done or removed properly, and your real nails may find it difficult to grow with the artificial nails covering it. However, this type of nails comes really cheap and in many designs, due to its popularity.

Applying acrylic nail designs for a beginner can be tricky at first, unlike the basic french tip nail designs which is simple and looks elegant. But here are some guidelines and steps to follow if you’re not sure:

1. Remove any nail polish that you had on previously with a non-acetone nail polish remover. Do not use nail polish remover with acetone as this will dissolve some of the acrylic and artificial nail tips. Next, trim and file your nails. It is recommended to trim your nails as short until almost to the skin, but not too far. This is to help prevent your real nails from breaking should the acrylic nail breaks. Clean and remove any dead skin around your fingernails too.

2. Soak your nails in some warm water and then using a cuticle tool, gently push the cuticles back. Next, remove the moisture and oil from the nail by applying some nail prep.

3. If you wish to extend the length of your nails by applying nail tips, find a size which fits closest to your nails and apply a drop of glue on the tip, holding it for a few seconds. Then, apply some primer only on you actual nails (not the artificial tips) and let it dry to a chalky white color.

Take note of these few steps when applying acrylic nail designs

4. Fill up a dish with the acrylic liquid and dip your brush into it. Lift the brush out, flatten it against the sides of the dish, flatten it with a paper towel to remove any excess liquid on the brush. Then, dip the tip your flattened brush into the acrylic powder, collecting a small moist (not too wet) ball, and start applying on the edge of the line where your acrylic nail tip meets your actual nail. Spread out and smooth in your brush to create a natural curve over you nail. Repeat the process with the acrylic liquid and powder for a second layer (a thinner layer), applying them till the tip as well. Do not apply any acrylic onto your cuticle area as this could cause fungus developing under your nails if it is lifted.

5. Repeat the step above on all your nails, and allow them to dry for about 10 minutes. Then file the nails to a natural shape, and scrub your fingernail to clean off the dust and fillings. Do remember to apply some cuticle oil to replenish moisture in your fingernails that had just been exposed to chemicals.

6. Finally, you may appply a top coat of polish on your fingenails, and you’re done! You may need to reapply some acrylic every few weeks to your nails when your nail grows naturally and pushes up the artificial nails.

By exploring the market and looking through various acrylic nail art gallery available online, you can get ideas and inspiration for your next design. As acrylic nail designs gets more popular and more in demand, the number of patterns, designs and shapes that you can find in the market are plentiful and comes pretty cheap.