Marble nail design

marble nail art

If you’re looking for some pretty nail designs, but don’t feel like trying out your hands in hand painted designs on your nails, then the water marble design is just the perfect answer for you! This technique is simple, albeit the process might be slightly messy and time consuming, and looks very nice and pretty after you’re done with it. This is one of the cool nail designs that you can try on at home and have lots of fun with it.

For this pretty nail designs technique, you’ll need a shallow bowl of water at room temperature and some lip chap (vaseline) or just some tape will do. Because this technique requires you to dip your fingernails into the bowl of nail polish, the vaseline or tape will protect your skin from being colored by the nail polish. Taping the skin around your fingernails will work too as this will enable you to easily remove the nail polish from your skin. But let’s start preparing the color for the nails first.

1) Firstly, prepare your nails for manicure: trim your nails, file them to your desired shape and clean your nails and underneath them. You may want to apply a base coat to protect your nails, and to keep them shiny. If you do apply a base coat, make sure they are completely dry before attempting this technique.

2) Next, fill up a shallow bowl with water (preferably filtered water) at room temperature, and then add a drop of your desired color of nail polish into the bowl of water from a low height. Observe how it spreads out into a circle. It is important that your nail polish mixture must not be too watery or too thick.

3) To get pretty nail designs, use another color of nail polish and add another drop into the center of the first drop in the bowl. Keep adding drops of alternating colors until a bulleyes shape is formed.

Stunning intricate pretty nail designs quickly without needing to be creative

4) Then, using a toothpick or pencil, drag or draw lines in the bowl of nail polish as desired. Moderate lines is recommended – you do not want too many lines in the design as it will look messy.

5) With your taped finger or fingers that has been covered by vaseline, dip your nail at an angle into the bowl of nail polish design. Dip them into the parts of bowl in which the design you like. Wait for about 10 seconds for the outer nail polish to dry, and do not remove your nail from the bowl until you pull away the excess nail polish in the bowl by wrapping it around the toothpick or pencil.

6) Remove the tape from your fingers or clean the vaseline when you’re done. Repeat the bulleyes nail polish design in the bowl, lines making and dipping your fingernails steps with all your other fingernails. When you’re finished, you may clean up the excess nail polish from around your nails with some acetone and Q-tips. Apply a top coat when the design is fully dried, and you’re done! For pretty toe nail designs, you can try this techinque too, though you may need to flex your toes quite a bit.

Some acrylic nail designs available in the market has this design, which you can simply use, ready made and ready to go. You can also try out another alternative to pretty nail designs using hand painted designs, but this needs creativity and some artistic skill.