Nail designs for short nails – cute and easy design for any length of nails

nail designs for short nails

Nail designs for short nails are always a popular choice among those who wish to keep their nails short, neat, tidy and yet desire to look trendy and fashionable. Indeed, having short nails are beneficial, in the sense that you do not need to worry about your nicely kept nails being cracked or broken accidentally. The most common problem that most women faced are brittle and cracked nails. Short nails are also easy to maintain and are most of the time clean. With the evolution of nail art and the creative designs by the community, one can keep a beautiful and tidy nails. This article will give you some of the best nail design ideas that is simple and yet beautiful.

The basic concept of nail designs for short nails is to keep the nail art as neat as possible without too much decoration. Overly decorating your short nails will spoil the natural beauty of your nails and will tend to make them look messy and cluttered. Avoid intricate designs and patterns. Opt for simple and cute nail designs instead. One of the great theme is the celestial theme. Celestial theme is ethereal by nature, and applying stars and moons on your short nails will enhance and make your nails stand out. couple this theme with aqua blue or dark blue base coat as background and nail stickers with moons and stars and you’re set to go. Do not clutter the stickers on the nails, space them artistically to make them look tidy.

Another all time favorite of nail designs for short nails is the polka dots theme. This theme are the perfect match for short nails as it enhances the cuteness which is already present in your current outlook. Cute nail designs themes will always recommend this pattern. Polka dots design can never be out of fashion, and can be applied on any occasion and will not look out of place. It will make you look more bubbly and cheerful. This simple theme will only take you a few minutes, and is suitable for last minute appointments. To give a better contrast to the design, the base coat should be a darker shade than the dots. You can also alternate the dots with multiple shades of the same color. The dots can be applied in a tidy sequence, or in a random arrangement. Do make sure that the size of the dots are appropriate and matches with your fingernail size. Polka dots theme is one of the easy nail designs technique which is very popular.

Nail designs for short nails – techniques to make your nails look longer

You can also create tones in nail designs for short nails. This technique simply means that you apply different shades of color or tone of nail polish on at a time, and blending them nicely to make the tone spread out gradually and evenly. You can also opt not to blend them out, but instead keep the contrasting line intact for a more trendy look. Painting the tones vertically on your nails will make them look longer. For a more vibrant look, mix contrasting hues together or choose a combination of dark and light shades. Painting shades on your nails can be a little tricky as the colors can merge easily with one another without your intention. Therefore, before starting this type of nail design, keep a nail polish remover handy and close by.

For an elegant, classy and gorgeous look, using glitters and stones are the best. Using miniature rhinestones or glitters, simply sprinkle them onto your wet nails which has just been applied nail paint, and they will easily be glued on them. This method is simple as you do not need to wait for your base coat to dry – in fact, you are counting on the fact that the base coat must not be dried fully. This nail art is the best match for glittering jewellery or earrings which you may have put on. To get the best elegant look, use a light color base coat. For funkier look, darker color base coat works well. These are just some ideas and themes for nail designs for short nails which can easily suit for any occasion.