Simple yet cute nail designs that will definitely bring out the best in you

cute nail designs

Cute nail designs are the best designs to bring out a bubbly and cheerful personality in any girl who wears it. Cute designs naturally are very friendly and eye pleasing to look at. However, depending on the occasion or event that you’re attending, the designs may or may not be appropriate for the occasion. However, cute diy nail designs are always popular and hence, this guide will help you in understanding the basics of applying this design on your nails.

Cute nail designs is the perfect choice if you’re attending a birthday party, a weekend out with your best girl pals, slumber party, fun outing, etc. But, watch out if you’re attending formal or official occasion such as interviews, or business party – try a professional and elegant looking nail design instead to portray a professional and able look of yourself. The first thing that came to my mind which is associated with the word “cute” is always animals ad pets. They’re adorable little things. So, let’s pick a simple panda bear design to illustrate how easy it is to design it on your nails yourself.

1. As always, before starting out on any nail art designs, trim, file and clean your nails. Then, apply a base coat to protect your nails, and also to keep your nails shiny and preserve the polish.

2. Using white nail polish, apply a large circle on the upper half of your nails, and let it dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next steps.

3. Create two ears using black nail polish and a dotting tool on the middle of the line separating the white nail polish and your original nail color. Next, add the eyes on the lower half of the white circle, and its nose slightly lower, in between the two eyes.

4. When the eyes are thoroughly dried, use white nail polish to add two smaller white circles on top of it. After everything is dried, apply a top coat to prevent your nails from chipping and also to preserve your nail art, and you’re done!

You do not need sophisticated or intricate patterns for cute nail designs
The basics of the design are applicable to all types of cute nail designs. You just have to tweak and switch around your various nail polish colors. And perhaps add in additional accessories such as glitter powder, rhinestones, etc if you desire. Do not worry, as you experiment more, you will have more pretty nail designs ideas which looks cute. So, where do you get cute ideas in designing your nails? Everywhere:

-if you’re also an animal lover, then the design ideas are aplenty – panda bear, koala bear, teddy bear, chipmunks, penguin, bunny, leapord spots, tiger stripes, zebra stripes, big huge panda bear eyes, owl, etc.
-your favorite cartoon character
-smileys! smiley faces design are easy to work on and is the universal symbol of cuteness ??
-paint each ail with a different animal face
-polka dot designs – combine them with smileys for a cuter look
-butterfly face or beetle face, with antennas sticking out
-write letters on each of your nails with marker pen
-mathematics and symbols
-ancient greek symbols, or UFO symbols

The perfect application will be on short nails, as they will look extremely cute. You can also try for cute toenail designs, which is also very suitable for any occasion. These are just some ideas that will help to inspire you in creating your very own cute nail designs.