Toe Nail Designs – toe nail designs tips and tricks

toe nail designs

You do not need to be an art expert to create beautiful toe nail designs for any occasion – birthdays, party, anniversary, holidays or even weddings. A simple combination of colors and some basic day to day items will enable you to decorate you toes beautifully. This is still an art, however, and like most art, you should begin with basic shapes and designs and then keep adding more complex patterns after that. Once you feel somewhat confident with your patterns and results, you can freely try out complicated designs, flowers or swirls. You can always purchase nail art kit when you are out of ideas or need to simplify things. A thing to note is to remember that like any art, simplicity is the key, and simplicity can actually create beautiful designs. This article list out some easy toenail designs ideas for you to try out.

Toe nail designs that incorporate random lines are beautiful and easy to do. The abstract nature of these lines makes it a whole lot easier since any mistake that you make can easily be covered and assumed to be the intended design. You start off with a dark colored base coat on your toe nails, preferably red. If you do use nail art brushes, make sure they are thin as you do not want to produce blobs on your toenails. Another alternative would be to use toothpick. Using these tools, apply black nail polish on them and make thin, random strokes of line starting from the base of your toenails and advance from there. You can opt to have your lines starting from different points, or from the same point. Thin lines make a neat design, therefore keep them thin, and do not apply too many lines per nail – two or three black lines per toenails should do the trick.

Beginners in toe nail designs can also attempt flower designs. Flower design may look complicated, but it is actually quite simple to do, and it has an advantage – should you make any accidents or mistake in your design, they can easily be turned into flowers. Start off the design by deciding what color you like for the middle part of the flower to be – typical colors are yellow and white. Then apply a base coat of matching color to your nails first. Then, put a dab of your chosen color (for the middle part) on your nails. Next, decide another matching color for its petals, and place several dabs around the first color, and you’re done for the first flower. It is recommended to create flowers slightly to the side and corner as this looks more professional and elegant. Apply this design for each of your toenails. If you do not like filled petals, you can use very thin brush or toothpick to draw circles or ovals as the petals. Alternatively, you can simple draw lines coming out from the center dab of color which you first created, and this can be another flower design too. These last 2 methods enable you to use only one color instead of two for the flower design.

As always, polka dots patterns are forever popular in diy toe nail designs, due to its simplicity, elegance and cuteness. Polka dots design is fun and easy to do. You can choose any color of base coat to begin with. Let them dry completely before you begin dotting them with polka dots. Next, use an averaged size nail art brush or toothpick and dip them into another different nail polish color. Dab them on your toenails to make dotted patterns covering you whole toenail. You can use multiple colors for the dots for an even more funky look. The dots doens’t really need to be evenly spaced, so you don’t have to worry about unsteady hands – in fact, evenly spaced dots look unnatural and fake. After the dots are completely dry, apply a top layer coating for some extra shine, and you’re done. Polka dots is also some of the best nail designs for short nails.

If you are just out of ideas for design, or simply in a hurry to do your toenails, go for rhinestones design. Sometimes, the best toe nail design ideas comes from last minute preparation. You can create a simply elegant and glamorous look by using stick-on rhinestones, and the process is so simple. Get some stick-on rhinestones in your nearest nail art stores, handicraft stores or even phamacy stores may have them. They usually come in multiple shiny colors and it is advisable to get as many colors as possible to create a glittery, shiny, colorful look. Apply a base coat on your toenails to start off with. Light or transparent base coat are recommended for elegance and sweet looks, darker base coat will make you look funky and more towards a party and fun outlook. Before the coat is completely dry, you can start appliying the rhinestones. There are a few styles for you to try – first, you can simply and randomly spread the rhinestones onto your whole nail. Or, you can opt to apply the rhinestones only at the base of your cuticle. You can also make a cross design if you want to experiment more for some added dramatic look. When you’re done, apply a top coat over the rhinestones. For an evening out when you plan on wearing peeptoe pumps, strappy heels or sandals, rhinestones toe nail designs are the perfect match where you can proudly display your catchy artwork.